The right backpacker backpack

The travel backpack. It is your travel buddy, your back support, your seat cushion, your organizing and storage talent and guardian of your belongings. But what characteristics should the right backpacker backpack have? What is important when buying a backpack? I’ll tell you what to look out for when buying best backpack brand. Oh, and one more thing: What should never be missing in the backpack are practical packing cubes!

Unfortunately, there is no generally valid statement as to which is the right backpacker backpack or the best travel backpack. It always depends on how you travel, what preferences and needs you have when travelling and what you value in a backpack.

What is important with a backpack? These questions need to be answered in order to find the right backpack:

What size backpacker backpacks should be?
Do you need a women’s model or is a unisex model enough?
Which material is best suited?
What other special features should it have?

Choosing the right travel backpack or backpacker backpack is not always easy – especially with this amount of possibilities and manufacturers!

I bought my first travel backpack quite spontaneously and unprepared. It had (or has – I still have it) about 65 or 70 litres and is a unisex model. I wasn’t dissatisfied with it, but sometimes I wasn’t quite happy, which was mainly due to its own size. Meanwhile I mainly travel with a 40 litre backpack (plus a small hand luggage backpack), which makes travelling much more pleasant for me!

So that you find the right backpack right from the start, I want to list a few options that are important for choosing the right backpack and that you should consider when buying one.

So, let’s get started so that the right backpack accompanies you soon!

Travel backpack: Would you prefer a women’s or unisex model?

In general, women and men can carry any kind of backpack. Men will usually not be bothered by women’s models, as long as the size of the backpack generally fits.

For women, it gets a little trickier, because there is no clear pros or cons. In the end it depends on which one sits better on our back. Nevertheless, I will briefly discuss the differences here.

A travel backpack for women has a different structure than a unisex model. So it has a shorter back part, because we are usually a bit smaller than men. Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps that are adapted to the female anatomy, especially in the chest area.
ergonomically shaped hip belts, which also fit better to our female figure.

Furthermore, it is usually a little smaller than the same backpack model for men in relation to our body size, which may make it more wearable for you.

Nevertheless, you can also be super happy with a men’s model – the best thing is to simply try out different models in a specialist shop.

Which backpack size is the right one?

When talking about the right backpack size, it’s mostly about the question of the backrest. Because only if the backpack fits your back length will it be really comfortable to carry.

In general, this can be roughly divided into three lengths:

approx. 40 cm to 49 cm
approx. 50 cm to 57 cm
approx. 58 cm to 69 cm

Determining the backpack size is very easy. All you have to do is measure your back length (or have someone measure it). This is between the upper edge of your shoulder blades and the upper edge of your pelvic bone.

There are also models (mostly unisex models) in which the shoulder straps (or the back system) are adjustable so that they can be adjusted to different back lengths.

If in doubt, ask a specialist shop for advice.

Backpacker Backpack: How many litres do you recommend?

There are different opinions about the size. While many travel minimalistically and therefore only with hand luggage, others want the largest possible travel backpack.

Ultimately, of course, the destination also plays an important role. If you’re going to warm countries, a 55 litre backpack is probably enough for you, as you only need short and light clothes. For cool or even cold destinations it depends on what you have to take with you. And if you plan trekking tours of several days and have everything with you from A to Z, you will need a bigger one. And then there’s your own needs and backpacking experience.

Travel backpack up to 50 litres

In my opinion, a travel backpack of this size is best suited for city trips or to warm countries.

However, you can also travel through different (similar) climates. For example, I have traveled with my 40 liter backpack (I bet on the Osprey Fairview 40; or for men: Osprey Farpoint 40) with a backpack load of South Africa, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Europe.

But that was only possible because I knew exactly what I needed on the way. So really need. If you’re just beginning to pack and have different stops on the way with different weather conditions, this size might be a bit too small for you. But I can only recommend you to try it anyway, because you are more free and flexible with a small backpack.

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