About Us

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Is this blog for you?

  • You are a beginner in digital photography
  • You would like to take nice pictures but you don’t really know how to do it or by which end to take the problem
  • You are often lost in a technical jargon that is difficult to understand

Then this blog is for you! My articles explain you with simplicity and pedagogy:

  • how to make a particular type of shot
  • how to use the functions of your device
  • useful technical notions to improve your images
  • great principles that will allow you to take pictures that you will be satisfied with
  • digital photo development with free or not free software
  • how to become more creative and take pictures that look like you

Not sure which article to read first? Start with my “Where to start? » 😉

Who am I? Who am I?

My name is Danny, and photography was a real revelation for me when I acquired my first camera. I started this blog without being a professional photographer, wishing to share with you my progress as a photographer, both technically and artistically. Since then I have trained thousands of amateur photographers through my training courses Become an Accomplished Photographer, Sublimate your Photos and Reveal your Soul as a Photographer, but I learn every day and I continue to share this with you!

If you want to see a little bit of my pictures, you can visit my pictures website! 🙂

This blog was born from the desire to progress together, step by step, in order to overcome the obstacles that exist to the realization of beautiful pictures! Here, as little technical jargon as possible, and concrete answers to concrete problems. I share with you what I learn every day, whether by practicing or synthesizing information that I find everywhere.

I have also written on other sites on several occasions

  • How to photograph waterfalls
  • Some tips to get started in macro photography
  • How to photograph storms
  • Make a yarn blur
  • The concert photo
  • Or on BonneGueule, where I explain how to choose a photo bag that has style 😉

Note on affiliation

Sometimes I write articles about certain products or services, such as photo books, lenses or training. These articles are not sponsored, that is, I receive no direct remuneration for publishing them: it has never happened and it will never happen, because I want to preserve my independence. That said, in general the links to these products, especially those to Amazon and my partners Digit Photo and Miss Digital are affiliated, i.e. I get a small commission on what you buy, without this obviously increasing the price you will pay 😉

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend products or services to you that I wouldn’t recommend to my mom! 😛 I give an opinion on what I think of the product and what it’s worth, because I’m committed to bringing you quality content, and it would be ridiculous to betray your trust for a few euros 😉 So there is NO product placement on this blog or my YouTube channel, and there will never be one 🙂


The blog would not be what it would be without you, its readers, and your encouragement and sharing. Even if I can’t answer all your thank you emails, they always make me happy, and encourage me to keep helping you with your photos. I also thank my mentor for encouraging me to create it, quite simply: without him, this page would not even exist 🙂